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A Year of Two Halves!

A very warm welcome to all new subscribers and a long overdue ‘hello again’ for everybody who has been waiting patiently for an update on proceedings here at the Tudor and 17th century experience.

Many of you follow us daily on our FB account (Tudor & 17th century Experience), Twitter (@tudorfoodrecipe) or Instagram (tudor_experience) and so are always up to date with all the latest developments, exciting improvements, latest research and our events, but if you haven’t had the opportunity yet, why not follow us on any or all 3 to never miss an interesting bit of news by clicking on the social media links at the page bottom or clicking on the words above!

2021 kicked off in the midst of lock downs, Corona etc but since has been incredibly busy with media, research, improvements and new projects.

Back in April, we were able to welcome the awesome Prof. Suzannah Lipscomb for her latest TV series (Channel 5select or My5) “Walking Tudor England”, where we feature in episode two which is all about Tudor Norfolk and Henry VIII’s daughter, and later queen, Mary.

In later Summer a Trebuchet was added to the items/activities we can offer guests. Tom will write an article on this soon.

Later this Autumn, I will appear for a 10mins talk on Kirsteen Thorne’s Saturday Breakfast from BBC Radio Norfolk on the latest exciting really rare symbolic original Tudor wall murals from our chapel. The featured design showing the “Tears of Lacrima’ are only one of two locations in in all of England, where it appears in a domestic setting giving us a glimpse into life of the very elusive group of church papists during the reign of Elizabeth I.

A few months ago I have signed two book contracts: one for a Tudor recipe book and the other on ow to create your very own Tudor garden. Needless to say, that most time gets taken up on research and writing for these.

Next to my monthly Tudor cookery contributions to the Tudor Travel Guide, (Link here to the September edition on Tudor Sallats.) I have also become a regular contributor with videos for the Tudor Society. From Christmas on I shall also add little articles for their subscription magazine. During the summer I featured on the awesome Talking Tudors Podcast with a contribution on what Tudor Queens ate.

In the garden, I have finished the essential Tudor garden feature of the ‘gallery walk’ and have improved the Tudor kitchen garden design. We also installed a Tudor inspired hot bath tub on one of the islands.

Inside the house, I was finally able to finish the smallest bedroom on the second floor as well as the chapel and father Richard’s bedroom.

The corridor on the second floor will be next.

Our commissioned Tudor attire, based on the painting of Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon will soon be finished and I can’t wait to show you all! We are off to the Tudor Tailor for our final fitting this coming week!

From August 20th – 22nd Sarah Morris and I ran the very first “Live like a Tudor’ immersion weekend and what can I say expect for that it was just utterly amazing, great fun and nobody wanted to leave at the end! Non-stop feasting, trip to Kentwell, dance, archery, history talks, dressing up, and best of all like minded Tudor- mad company!

Finally we were also able to open our doors to the public on September 11th. All tickets were sold out and it is without any doubt that everybody really enjoyed themselves – so much so, that some have even bought up the last tickets to the Christmas event in November to return and soak up more Tudor history and atmosphere!

Unfortunately there will be no more opportunities to see us in person this year but the good news is, that we will be running 3 events in 2022 and you can already purchase tickets for any of those with Historic Houses on their website.

So, if you don’t want to miss out, put these dates in your diary for next year:

MAY 21st : 2.00- 5.00

September 10th: 2.00-5.00

November 26th : 1.00 -3.00

More details will be made public nearer the time.

If you live within driving distance and you wish to join the growing circle of volunteers who wish to help, please get in touch.

In the meantime, keep in touch and stay well!

Brigitte & Tom Webster


Aerial view of The Old Hall.

Installing the "new" Trebuchet (article to follow).

Archery at the "Live like a Tudor Weekend", the weather was wet, but that didn't dampen the spirits or upset the aim!

Tudor stately dance from the "Live like a Tudor Weekend". Both displays and audience participation and much enjoyment followed!

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