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Who are we?




The Tudor and 17th Century Experience is the brainchild of Brigitte Webster. Born in Austria, Brigitte trained, and served as a school teacher for 25 years. Her qualification was in history and cooking, a combination that has finally come together in her career as a culinary historian currently working on a number of publications on international cuisine of the 16th Century. The Tudor and 17th Century Experience is a venture that finally allows her to share her passion for all things Tudor with a wider audience especially now that she and her husband have at last moved into their dream home, an authentic Tudor manor.


She is supported in her venture by her husband, Tom who is a long standing history re-enactor, military adviser and owner of an historic firearms company.

What is the Tudor and 17th Century Experience?


The Tudor and 17th Century Experience started as a germ of an idea in 2017 as a means to share our passion for history with other people who shared this passion. This has steadily grown as we have gained contacts around the Tudor theme.

Is it a fancy restaurant? No, but banquets are definitely offered!

Is it a guest house? No but it offers bed and board 

Is it a cookery class? No but cookery classes are offered?

Is it a Tudor cosplay event? No but authentic costumes are available and encouraged for those who want that aspect of immersion.

Is it a guided tour of Tudor and 17th century buildings and auction houses? No but tours certainly feature in a stay.

It is all of these combined and more, it is the unique Tudor and 17th Century Experience.

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