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Lectures and Courses

Until we open our doors to visitors again here is a list of Brigitte’s lecture events taking place across the country. Please contact her for any further details.

Please keep checking back for future events which will be added as they become known. Online accessible content shown here in brown, physical lectures in green.

“Eating with the Tudors” a podcast interview with Prof. Susannah Lipscombe as part of the “Not Just the Tudors” series, episode 255. Available now on Spotify

Lectures and seminars can be offered on all manner of Tudor and 17th Century topics either via Brigitte Webster or through one of our established network of topic experts. With Brigitte's qualifications, training and experience she is well versed in the following topics and indeed has delivered talks at a variety of venues (including television). Brigitte has given lectures at a variety of venues including the World's first Tudor themed convention, Tudorcon, in Pennsylvania, USA. Her husband, Tom, whilst not as versed in the era, leads visitors in hands on early dance lessons, Tudor themed archery, games and other activities. 

“Eating with the Tudors” a podcast interview titled “A Delicious Legacy” by Thomas Ntinas. Available on

“Food in Tudor England” a podcast interview from Talking Tudors Episode 222 by Natalie Grueninger. Available here.

“Tudor Cooking and Cuisine” a podcast interview from The British Food History podcast by Neil Buttery. Available on Spotify

“Eating with the Tudors” a talk at the food fair at Powderham Castle, Devon. Saturday and Sunday October 7th and 8th 2023

“Dine with the Tudors” a video presentation for The Tudor Trail, online “Weekend at the Tudor Court", released on Saturday 21st and 22nd October ( 

Tudor and renaissance food, cooking.


Brigitte is a culinary historian and has a truly extensive collection of cookery books from early medieval through to late 17th Century. She has worked through these, sometime alone and sometimes with expert help in translating some of the original texts and interpreting them in to meals served to her long suffering husband and, once perfected, to her delighted guests.

“Eating with the Tudors” a talk at the Time and Tide Museum, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.  15th March, 14:30, 2024

“Royal food and feasts” a talk at the “Henry on Tour” event at West Horsley Place, Surrey.  Date tba late July 2024

Tudor and 17th Century food, growing.

In order to understand what they ate, Brigitte has undertaken to grow authentic ingredients for the kitchen. This quickly lead to the discovery that medicine and food are intricately intertwined in the era and so Brigitte as also examined and indeed grows a large variety of early fruit, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants about which she can discourse most readily.

NB She will release a book on this in 2025!

Medieval, Tudor and 17th Century garden design.

In the study of the above topics Brigitte has read extensively around the topic of garden design, has created her own examples and is now able to discuss and present about the changing role of the garden in medieval and later society and dispel many myths surrounding what we think we know about these gardens.

Early furniture.


This is where it all began some twenty years ago. Brigitte started attending furniture restoration classes and this soon grew into a passion for the very earliest furniture, where it came from, how to understand it, and recognise it (some harsh lessons learned there) and how to repair, restore and care for it. She attends all the significant early furniture auctions  in the country, to keep up with market trends and values.

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