Duke of Suffolk Chamber


We have 6 bedrooms available furnished with genuine Tudor and Stuart beds (albeit with the most modern memory foam mattresses for your comfort). Stays will include a range of activities depending on duration and desire; all include home made meals made from authentic Tudor recipes!




We have a calendar of activities for the year such as our famous Eastertide and Lammas & 12th Night feasts. Attendance at these can be specifically booked or they can be integrated into a stay with us.


The Tudor and 17th Century Experience is an exclusive Tudor and 17th Century themed immersion history retreat to the south of Tudor Norwich in Norfolk. We are based in this stunning original Tudor manor house dating from 1514 to enable our guests to really absorb the flavours of life in Tudor England. It is our mission to make your time here as authentic as possible with every attention to detail, from home made food from authentic Tudor and Stuart era recipes to period entertainments. All furniture in the house is period correct from dining to sleeping. Feel free to walk around the beautiful Tudor inspired gardens, indulge in Tudor outdoor pursuits - perhaps even in Tudor costume!

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Brigitte Webster has devoted decades into the study of historic food, gardens and early furniture and can offer a number of seminars & courses on these topics. We also have a wealth of contacts able to deliver seminars on a whole range of period related topics.




Old Hall is registered with the Norfolk Screen Location services and offers both interiors and exteriors to the film industry. A link to the location services website is provided below:


Picture Credits

Top left: One of the four poster beds available for your stay. This one dates to c. 1490-1510. Others available date from the Elizabethan and Stuart era.

Middle left: Tom catching up with Tudor poetry by the fire.

Bottom left: Brigitte during filming of one of her recipe videos in the recreated 'outdoor kitchen'.

Above : A view across the moat and meadow in Winter.